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IP Upload Documentation

| IP Upload v1.2                            |
| Written by Brian Peek                     |
| Copyright (c) 2001 Ganksoft Entertainment |
|                   |

v1.2 (4/20/01):
	- Reorganized screen layout
	- Added "screen shot" feature.  See below for more information.
	- Various bug fixes

v1.1 (2/26/01):
	- Added "drag and drop" support.  Just drag an .elf file into the the 
	big output window and it will be automatically uploaded.  This 
	doesn't change the default file in the lower-right window.  Useful to 
	quickly upload a pre-compiled demo.
	- Fixed File->Exit.
	- A few minor cosmetic changes.

v1.0 (2/6/01):
	- Initial release

This is a very simple uploader for Windows for use with the IP Slave written 
by Marcus Comstedt available at .  If you 
don't know what this means, then this program isn't for you.  Stop reading 
and delete it.

For those that are still reading, it's pretty simple to work.  Just type in 
the IP of your Dreamcast, set your COM port configuration, locate your .elf 
file to upload with the "File->Open" menu or the "Open" button, then click 
the "Send" button.

As long as your serial cable is connected to your Dreamcast and serial 
debugging is turned on, you'll see your output strings appear in the middle 
text box.  It's an all in one tool!

That's about it.  In case you care, it was written very quickly in VB6.  I 
hate VB as much as the next guy, but for building a quick app like this, it 
has its purpose.

If you see anything very wrong with it, feel free to contact me at the email 
address above.

THIS IS NOT AUTOMATIC.  Read that several times, please. :)

This is very simple and very lame, but it worked for my purpose.  Basically,
you can send the contents of the DC's VRAM *YOURSELF* to this program and it
will write it out as a file.

Here's how it works.  You send the string "~~START~~".  Then you send all
of your binary data in whatever format you wish (raw, bmp, gif, I could
care less).  Then send the string "~~END~~".  It will then write the file
to disk.  You can set the base dir of where the images will be saved in the
appropriate box.  The file names will be "SHOTXXXX" where XXXX is an auto
incrementing number.

Now remember, this is very lame and very cheesy and is only here because
it suited my needs.  You need to grab the data on the DC, you need to
format it, and you need to send it across the serial cable in the format
I specified above.

If you have any feature requests, problems, etc. please don't hesitate to 
bring them to our attention.  Mail us or visit us at the above addresses.