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Grogger Documentation

Grogger v1.4
(C) 2023, 2024 Ganksoft Entertainment

Grogger is a small Atari Lynx game created for LynxJam 2023.

How To Play
- A/B        -> Sling a drink to a waiting patron
- Up/Down    -> Move bartender up and down to the different bars
- Left/Right -> Move along a bar to collect empty bottles

Sling drinks to thirsty patrons while collecting the empty bottles they
send back.  Miss an empty bottle or serve a drink to an empty bar and you will
lose a life.  Difficulty and number of patrons increases as you move through
the levels.  High score is displayed at the top right of the screen.

- Written by
    Brian Peek (
- Tested by 
    Matt Kennedy
- Parchment font by
    Damien Guard (
- Special Thanks
    Michelle Leavitt
    Chris Behan

  - By popular demand, high score shown at top right of screen
  - Fix bartender animation "hang" that occurs after the first game
  - Fix bug where game didn't score properly starting at level 5

  - Additional bartender animation fix
  - Fix bug where a drink can crash if patron slid back to very edge of the bar
  - Fix "dead note" in bgm

  - Fixed bartender running animation found during ZeroPage Homebrew stream!