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Available for Atari Lynx

Sling bottles of grog to a motley group of thirsty patrons while collecting the empty bottles they send back. Miss an empty bottle or serve a drink to an empty bar and you will lose a life. Difficulty and number of patrons increases as you move through the levels.

The latest version of Grogger can always be played on a real Atari Lynx with any number of flash/SD cartridges (download ROM below), or you can find the older contest version of the game on K-Retro Gaming’s LynxJam 2023 cartridge, along with 11 other great games. Alternatively, if you don’t have an Atari Lynx, you can play the latest version right here in your browser (see below).

How To Play

Control Description
Up/Down Move bartender up and down to the different bars
Left/Right Move along a bar to collect empty bottles
A/B Hold to fill a bottle, release to sling to a waiting patron


Please enable JavaScript to play.

After starting the game, use the icon in the toolbar to view/set input mappings.


Gameplay Trailer

Level 1

Level 1

Final level

Final level

Title screen

Title screen


  • Grogger - v1.4
    LNX, LYX, and .O versions provided. Run with your favorite Atari Lynx emulator or flash cart.
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