DreamPac Downloads

Here are the downloads for DreamPac. It is available in several distributions.

Please be sure to read the documentation included in the .zip file or read it online.

These images were created in a slightly different way than the previous NeoPocott DC images. If you have problems burning any of these, please contact us so that we may trace down some of these issues and create better working images.

Format Self-Boot Comments
DiscJuggler Yes  
Individual Files N/A Create your own image from this
Included 1ST_READ.BIN is  
Jewel Case Art N/A Front, back and CD label included. 
Nero (DAO) Yes DAO mode. If this doesn't work for you, try TAO. 
Nero (TAO) Yes TAO mode. If this doesn't work for you, try DAO. 

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