Have a problem with one of our products? Here are some common questions and answers...


Q:Why isn't there any sound? Will sound ever be added? I want sound!!
A:Ok. We know. NeoPocottDC doesn't have any sound. But, it isn't entirely our fault. NeoPocottDC is a port from the original NeoPocott written by a team of people for the PC. We simply ported it to the Dreamcast. The PC version doesn't have any sound support, so ours cannot either. The instant sound support is added to the main source tree by the original authors, we will make an update to the Dreamcast version also.


Q:When I select the game to play, the screen blanks and returns to the menu screen. Eventually it just crashes my Dreamcast.
A:You need the ROMs of the game you are trying to play. Check the documentation included with DreamPac on the layout of the ROMs and where they should be placed on the CD. They can be burned separately on a new CD or you can place them on the same CD with DreamPac using the Plain Files archive and creating your own self-boot CD.

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